Family Loans from Krakow are not a product that we meet at every corner. Does the mere fact that Family Loans come from the former Polish capital change something in the product itself?

Describing the products of loan companies is not something that our portal devotes too much time to. However, the world of finance is changing, and so are the loans. These are more and more companies struggling for customers mainly by ease of access, not turning a blind eye to their credit history problems. Family loans are a good opportunity to show that payday loans also openly target a “better” customer.

It is also a response to the needs of our clients, who often ask what they should have paid attention to when taking a loan. In order not to fall into a spiral of debts. Unfortunately, they often ask only when they have to surrender.


How do family loans tempt customers with a good credit history?

How do family loans tempt customers with a good credit history?

After opening the loan page, you can easily see that the company emphasizes the benefits for a customer who can boast of a good credit history. Financial benefits. Such a customer will pay less for the loan. How much? In percentage, roughly 22% cheaper, in USD 40, cheaper than every 1000 USD. More specifically, 139 dollars instead of 179 dollars, which must be paid by a customer who cannot boast of a successful credit life so far.


Can payday pay be cheap?

Can payday pay be cheap?

Sometimes, it can be free, but never as cheap as a bank loan. This is the specifics of this product. However, we must refer to the realities. For a loan of 3,000 in the described loan after a month you will pay almost as much as in the bank after 3 months. However, if you compare it with other offers of payday loans, it turns out that it is sometimes half as much as with the competition.


If you don’t have a good history, prove it yourself.

good credit

Returning to the previously mentioned USD 40 difference. The lender has valued the risk of granting a loan to a person who is not completely reliable. Once the client proves that such fears were unfounded family loans, he would also be charged with the cost of the loan. From the second loan, the cost of granting it is the same for all customers. In addition, every customer who repays the first loan on time can count on a larger quota offer – up to USD 7,000 dollars.

Despite this, as always, we feel that incurring significant amounts that you may not pay back in a timely manner is not the best solution. It is better to reach for an installment loan and pay it back earlier.

Even if family loans show an understanding of the problem of slipping in repayment and from the second loan you can ask to postpone repayment for 15 days.

Like any company, the owner of this loan will strive for the highest possible income. He will therefore be tempted, especially if your creditworthiness is greater than the amount you applied for. It’s normal. However, it would be unwise to take advantage of this “opportunity”.


How to apply Polish family loan?

How to apply Polish family loan?

You can apply for this loan if:

  • you are a citizen of Poland;
  • you are between 19 and 71 years old;
  • you are a consumer;
  • you have an ID card, your own bank account in Poland and an active mobile phone.

Everyone can read the terms and conditions (information form) and loan rules (regulations) without any problems. It is clear from the regulations that a company registered in Krakow itself grants a loan. It is also a sensation at a time when more and more companies are resorting to brokers registered in various exotic places. The company is focused in the hands of one man. And this is not his first venture related to borrowing money.